Impregnation or Degeneration phase
Main remedy:Nux vomica-Homaccord oral vials
Secondary remedies:Cerebrum compositum
Nervoheel Neuro-Heel
Phase remedy:Coenzyme compositum


(Neurodermal impregnation or organodermal impregnation phase)

Due to the possible danger of a relapse, brought about psychologically, in this case no preparations in drop form containing alcohol should be administered. The products indicated, if there is no tablet preparations, should be given in the form of ampoules to be taken orally (see page 70).

Nux vomica-Homaccord (ampoules) Galium-Heel (ampoules) Chelidonium-Homaccord (ampoules) Hepeel (tablets)

The above preparations once daily as ampoules to be taken orally, or 1 tablet of Hepeel to be dissolved on the tongue 3 times daily.

Nervoheel (tablets; act favourably in withdrawal symptoms).

Lymphomyosot (ampoules; remedy for affected functions of the connective tissue; flushing-out action).

Psorinoheel (ampoules; for mania of all kinds).

Traumeel S (tablets; regeneration of the sulphide enzymes). Gastricumeel (tablets; eructation, pyrosis).

Injection therapy

Hepar compositum, Leptandra compositum and Cerebrum compositum, possibly also Testis compositum (for men) or Ovarium compositum (for women) as alternating injections i.m., possibly also Coenzyme compositum and Ubichinon compositum (defective enzymatic functions) interposed, otherwise Colon suis-Injeel, Nux vomica- Homaccord on Mondays, i.m.

Hepar suis-Injeel, Hypothalamus suis-Injeel and Hepeel (possibly also Traumeel S) on Thursdays, i.m.

Veratrum-Injeel (forte) S for Korsakoff’s psychosis. Alkohol-Injeel (forte) as isopathic remedy.

Medorrhinum-Injeel (forte) for addiction to alcohol. Acidum DL-malicum-Injeel interposed once weekly. See also delirium tremens, porphyria, etc.