Spagyric Homeopathic Remedies

Spagyric Homeopathic Remedies

Spagyric remedies are made using the spagyric method and homeopathy principle which is widely known to the world in the 19th century. Spagyric Medicine is an ancient natural medicine that has undergone 500 year of trial, research and practice. Paracelsus the famous Swiss physician, Philosopher and alchemist is regarded as the founder of spagyric.

The efficiency and superiority of small doses of medicines in curing diseases, when applied according to the law of similars, is a fact that can no longer be disputed. A drug able to produce fever destroys it when introduced into the body in attenuated doses. Homeopathy by applying this principle, has continually obtained remarkable results. Spagyric remedies is a new step in developing and perfecting Homeopathy. It excels Hahnemann’s discovery in simplicity and rehability, its remedies are also gaining more curative powers through the peculiar manner in which they are prepared.

The word spagyric is suggestive of the prompt action of the remedies and distinguishes them from the regular homeopathic ones. Cesare Mattei of Italy, who starts, like Hahnemann and Rademacher, from the true principle that every disease is caused by vitiated fluids in the system, and that a cure can only be obtained if directed against those altered fluids, lymph and blood. Every disease is produced by the vitiated condition of blood or lymph, or both. Whether the immediate cause be germs or noxious gases, etc., is of minor importance as far as the treatment is concerned, the remedies act directly on the blood, lymph, or nerves and enable the organism to disengage itself from the morbid principles causing the abnormal condition.

Cause of the disease

Spagyric-remedies teaches us a new kind of treatment by most effective remedies, to be applied internally, in the same way as Homeopathic remedies, as well as externally, thus producing much greater results than ordinary Homeopathic remedies. Every alternation of either one of the two liquids blood or lymph must with accompanying nervous influences necessarily lead to an alteration of the normal state of the individual and produce an abnormal or pathological state. Taking this theory as a base it is easy to understand that the composition of the remedies called spagyric remedies on an account of their efficacious and often instantaneous action should embrace a group of simple medicinal principles which in virtue of their nature and mode of action upon the whole of our body and various parts which compose it would be able to meet the demands of sundry morbid elements which is altering the normal state of the blood and the lymph constitute of disease that is to say the hostile causes which are opposed to the free exercise of our organics function.

Selection of the remedies

The action of the spagyric Remedies remedies proceeds in two principal directions, according to the disease resulting from either a vitiated condition of the blood or the lymph. Hence in every case the spagyric remedies treatment takes for its base the constitution of the patient, being either lym-phatic or Angiotic (sanguineous). Consequently, there are three principal remedies, each including different potencies, a few auxiliary remedies, and the fluid electricity.

Philosophy of the remedies

These remedies acts homeopathically in an accordance with the homeopathy principle and potentiated where necessary in accordance with the law of similar. Remedies and their potencies are well absorbed by the body, which stimulate auto-regulate and are also prophylactic.

The Series of Fluids

The Fluids are remedies prepared to influence the balance of nervous pluses. Our brain is the centre of nervous inpluses. It contains millions of ganglion cells like stations for producing and in nerve power. But also directing important organs outside our brain, especially those situated in and next our organs of sense and our entrails, in our heart and intestines, in the big digestive glands there are numerous ganglions cells of such as kind, often combined in vast complexes to ganglions. The outer stations are also used for producing and directing nerve power. All these power and switching stations are connected to one another and to the big centres in our brain through conducting, the so called nerve fibres, which often combined like cables, run in thinner or thicker cords through all the parts of our body.

In Spagyric Remedies, in fact, there are only fifteen Original Remedies. Rest of the 60 combinations 45 are, but either the renovated forms of the first 15 Remedies or compound or complex forms of the self same 15 Remedies.

  • Thus 15 are the ORIGINAL ONE’S;
  • Renovated or co-ordinated are 19 in number;
  • COMPOUNDS again run into 15 in number;
  • COMPLEX count for 11 combinations, together 60 at all.

Out of these originals, co-ordinated, compounds, there are 24 Remedies otherwise called the DONNERS Remedies that help together to form most of the other remedies.

Thus the Donner Remedies form spinal cord of these spagyric ho-meopathic Remedies. Here lies the secret of the Relationship of the remedies. Spagyric Remedies is a little ahead of Remedies, but has left far behind almost all other medical systems that consists of oral administration of Medicine. Magneto therapies, Acupuncture are different lines outside the domain of the practice of medicine. Spagyric Remedies is the ONLY Naturo-Scientific System of Medicine.

All the medicine are manufactured in Germany. The exact procedure is recorded in the official “Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB). This will ensure that the medicines are always produced by the same procedure. And all with consistently high quality production. Rigid quality control procedures are adopted at our concern to ensure products of the highest quality. All our products are manufactured under controlled and hygienic environment, under the close supervision of German expert quality control analysts. We source the finest quality of raw materials like 100% plant oriented products.