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Spagyric is a procedure that has been completely forgotten by the modern pharmacist, much to the detriment of the drugs to be prepared, with respect to their effect. The unusually superior spagyric method of preparation has been discarded it could be the fault of the increasing materialism of the natural sciences in general. But it is also the fault of the restless hurrying spirit of the age, which urges the rapid manufacture of any product and does not or will not work with the tranquility, reflection, patience, and let us say also, the loss of time, according to modern notions like mankind of old. Therefore pharmacy nowadays prefers to employ decoctions or infusions, teas or distillations, by means of hard or chemical dissolutions to rapidly transform the efficacious ‘substance’ and salts of the plant and make them ready for use. It is quite forgotten that, however, in this way the most subtle and penetrating active energies of the plant – the ethereal or according to modern notions, radioactive, powers are lost, evaporated or destroyed.

In the early 20th century, this special process of preparation that Mattei had taken over from his great predecessor Paracelsus and his school (the spagyric) is the so-called electro homeopathy. On the other hand, the discovery of relativity and quantum theory rendered our innate view of space as an unchanging, fixed quantity and time as a linear progression inadequate as a means of describing the world we lived in. As we enter a new millennium, another revolution in thinking is taking place, which affects not only physics, chemistry and biology, but also medicine, psychology and philosophy. In fact, our thoughts processes have come to a full circle, since the increasingly complex and abstract findings of modern science are reminiscent of the ancient knowledge and the symbolic message of alchemy. Healers, for example, are now looking at medicine that not only have a sufficiently high dosage of active ingredient, but are also manufactured and based on ancient and modern holistic health theories.

The methodology used in spagyrics has both a spiritual and material component. Spagyrics does not recognize a duality of energy and matter but regards both as two poles within a single structure. Spagyric homeopathy teaches the spagyric together with homeopathic principles because they are so closely interviewed. In Spagyric Therapy practise you will probably encounter more patients with complicated ailments than normal, and many of these patients may be very serious from whom symptoms may be difficult to elicit.

Alchemists regarded spagyrics as the most powerful phytopharmaceuticals. The manufacture of WSHO UK spagyrics is the practical implementation of the alchemist Spagyric theory: isolation of the three principles inherent in every substance and their reunification in purified form. The plant tincture created in this way contains all the active ingredients of the plant in a concentrated and purified form and is therefore easily assimilated by humans and animals and also highly effective.

We pride ourselves manufacturing Spagyric Products in the history of Electro homeopathy since the last century. I would like to thank all my collegues and parterns of WSHO UK worldwide,who has given their tremendous support in establishing us. I give them all my best regards and wish him for the bright future of Spagyric homeopathy worldwide in the coming years. We appreciate your continued support and contributions to us.

About Electro-Homeopathic Products by WEHO

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Quality is of paramount importance to us. Our products are manufactured in Germany, using the best ingredients available, under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and high standards and so are quality assured.

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Two central pillars exist in spagyrism according to Count Mattei and later developed and resumed by Theodore Krauss: It is based on phytotherapy, and homeotherapy principles.Within the present context, phytotherapy is to be understood as the traditional art of healing with plants known as spagyric method in today’s term modern chemistry.

Factors common to both original homeopathy and spagyric therapy are the potentising process and observance of the Law of Similars. The spagyric medications are administered in either their 4th or 10th decimal potency. The clinical properties of the active medicinal substances within each preparation help determine the selection of the appropriate medication. In the Spagyric therapy, pathological processes are not viewed simply as isolated instances of dysfunction in individual organs or within the mind. Therefore, the objective is to detect and treat the course of disease in the interactions with all body processes. In order to adequately cover the multi-level interconnections of an illness, this type of therapy employs complex medications consisting of a combination of numerous single-ingredient spagyric remedies. Selection of the appropriate spagyric agents to be included within a complex is based on the physiological and anatomical relationships existing among individual body functions, organs, and organ groups. The single- ingredient agents are combined in such a manner to influence a group of organs closely associated with one another in either a physiological or anatomic-histological manner. Contained within one spagyric medication are single-ingredient agents with similar fields of action as well as those that influence the pathological condition from a variety of aspects. The constituents are combined to target the illness synergistically while mutually supplementing their effects.Thus they selectively direct their effects within the diseased organism at multiple levels, each in correspondence with its individual range of action, thereby collectively creating stimulation of the body’s intrinsic defensive and regenerative powers


In accordance with legal regualtion regarding medicinal products, The Remedies manufacture method are entioned in German Pharmacopia (HAB) and classed as spagyric medicines by reason of their production process.

Significant differences to homeopathy are:

  • The exclusive utilisation of plant-derived substances
  • The spagiric processing, which also uses an aqueous extract in addition to the cohobation
  • The exclusive employment of complexes
  • No trials of remedies on healthy individuals
  • The application according to physiological and histological aspects and the greater therapeutic bandwidth.

Similarities with homeopathy are evident in view of:

  • The law of similarities – the similarity principle the SS is based on the simile principle in the broader sense, i.e. a spagiric remedy unfolds its healing power, if it comes upon a very particular, quasi-related pathological condition.
  • Dilutions (No percussion) Avogardo’s limit
  • The possibility ofan initial reaction
  • The effect as stimulation and regulation therapy

“These all remedies are subject to Law of Similar insofar as, if administered in high doses, they generate symptoms of diseases whose causes they wipe out if taken in suitable doses. But experinces does not qualify me to state that they can generate pathological symptoms in a completely healthy person who is carrying neither a disposition nor germs of disease”