Drops Composition:

100 g cont.: Sulfur D4, Sulfur D6, Sulfur D12, Sulfur D30, Sulfur D200 20 g each. Contains 85 vol.-% alcohol.


Dermatosis, in particular irritant eczema; pyoderma; to stimulate the defensive mechanisms.


In general, 10 drops 3 times daily; in acute disorders initially 10 drops every 15 minutes, over a period lasting up to two hours. Long-term application of the  preparation (over several months or longer) must be supervised by a therapist.

Package sizes:

Drop bottles containing 30 and 100 ml.

Pharmacological and clinical notes

Sulfur (sulphur)

Reactant in all chronic illnesses, e.g. for irritating, weeping cutaneous eruptions, malodorous sudoresis of the armpits, pruritus, hot flushes, scrofulous glandular swelling, difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping right through the night, hot feet, extending out of the bed, dirty appearance as if unwashed, characteristic burning and irritation of the skin, worsening in the warmth of the bed; sulphur should always be interposed in all skin and hepatic diseases, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract and bronchial asthma.

Based on the individual homoeopathic constituents of Schwef-Heel, therapeutic possibilities result for the treatment of dermatoses, eczema, pyodermia, scabies, dermatitis, urticaria, strophulus infantum, dermatomycosis, intertrigo, etc. In these cases, Schwef-Heel exerts a cleansing action on the homotoxic terrain, so that fungal and bacterial infections cannot become established. Important auxiliary remedies are Psorinoheel, Sulfur-Heel, Abropernol, Graphites-Homaccord, Traumeel S tablets,

Mercurius-Heel S, Lamioflur, possibly also Phosphor-Homaccord, and to cleanse the connective tissues and purge the mesenchyma, the preparations Galium-Heel and Lymphomyosot.

Sulphur, in homoeopathically adjusted form, is a remedy indicated in numerous phases for the stimulation of the body’s own defensive mechanisms especially when damage to the enzyme system (sulphide enzymes) has occurred.

Schwef-Heel is indicated as reactant (in addition to Engystol N and especially Traumeel S as well as Sulfur-Injeel S, Hepar sulfuris-Injeel and the acids active in the citric acid cycle, suis-organ preparations, Cystein-Injeel, etc., also Galium-Heel, Psorinoheel and Lymphomyosot), as the sulphur in the intestine is converted to H2S and thereby activates the sulphide enzymes. In particular, impregnation phases are an indication for Schwef-Heel, e.g. bronchial asthma, hepatic damage, migraine and angina pectoris, possibly also duodenal ulcers. Also deposition phases such as rheumatism, arthritis and constipation, as well as numerous alternative phases, e.g. skin diseases require in addition, or at intervals, Schwef-Heel, e.g. including pruritus of whatever origin. Schwef-Heel can, therefore, find application in practically all phases, except in the cases of too serious excesses of homotoxins (caution in neoplasm phases, also in tuberculosis; in addition to tuberculostatics, Schwef-Heel is appropriate). Further indications: Excessive sudation (hyperhidrosis of various locations and origins), metal articles held in the patient’s hand become rusty (Phosphor-Homaccord, Abropernol, Psorinoheel). Morning diarrhoea which forces the patient to rise from his bed (in addition: Diarrheel S). Seborrhoea, possible transition to seborrhoeal eczema with pruritus; sudoresis of the feet after taking coffee, haemorrhoids with deposit of slime and pus, possibly haemorrhages; ears swollen with blood and red lips. Patients in need of Schwef-Heel have a somewhat dirty, slipshod and untidy appearance, as if unwashed, and in addition, have an unpleasant body odour (Psorinoheel, Traumeel S, Psorinum-Injeel, possibly Colocynthis-Homaccord: perspiration smells of urine, or Arnica-Heel: putrid odour from the mouth).

Also pneumonia which appears to be running an indefinite course needs Schwef-Heel, parenterally Sulfur-Injeel (forte) S or Engystol N. The Schwef-Heel effect is complemented by Hepeel, Lycopodium-Injeel (forte) S, also other hepatic preparations such as Injeel-Chol, Chelidonium-Homaccord, Nux vomica-Homaccord, etc. (since numerous sulphide enzymes are active in the liver).

In Schwef-Heel indications frequently the progressive auto-sanguis therapy is also indicated (with Engystol N, Sulfur-Injeel S, Hepeel, suis-organ preparations, etc.).

Deficiency of memory (in addition to Barijodeel, Selenium-Homaccord, Anacardium- Homaccord, etc.).

The dosage is adjusted according to the disease, the symptoms and the stage of the illness: 10 drops 3 times daily. For acute disorders, massive initial-dose therapy: 10 drops every 15 minutes, alternating with other preparations indicated. The corresponding injection preparation is Sulfur-Injeel forte S.