Inoculation damage (prophylaxis of)

Inoculation damage (prophylaxis of)

Inflammation phase
Main remedy:Thuja forte
Secondary remedies:Traumeel Psorinoheel
Phase remedy:Pulsatilla compositum

Inoculation damage, prophylaxis of

(Ectodermal or mesenchymal reaction phase)

(In addition to the usual measures, such as the administration of gamma-globulin and vaccine-antigen)

Traumeel S on the first day post vaccination 8-10 drops 1/4-hourly, on the second day 1/2-hourly, on the third day hourly, later only 3 times daily

Psorinoheel (constitutionally effective intermediate remedy) Injection therapy

Traumeel S and/or Engystol N for neurotoxic symptoms i.v., i.m.

Thuja-Injeel S and Baptisia-Injeel (forte) S for inflammatory symptoms, Vaccininum- Injeel, Variolinum-Injeel, Medorrhinum-Injeel and Brucella abortus Bang-Injeel (nosode preparations with a favourable action on the after-effects of inoculation.

Zincum valerianicum-Injeel (forte) in the case of as yet undeveloped, or receded = suppressed smallpox pustules.