Cantharis compositum ad us. vet.

Cantharis compositum ad us. vet.

Injection Solution 5.0 ml


1 ampoule of 5.0 ml contains: Cantharis D4 0.05 ml; Arsenicum album D4 0.05 ml; Hepar sulfuris D6 0.05 ml; Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni D6 0.05 ml.


Affections of the uriniferous tract, acute and chronic inflammations of the renal pelvis and the bladder (cystitis, cystopyelitis), bleedings in kidneys and bladder, straining (bladder tenesmus).

Contraindications: None known.

Side effects: Hypersensitivity reactions (or even anaphylactic reactions) may occur in isolated instances on the i.v. administration of foreign proteins in a concentration high- er than D10. Hypersalivation may occur after administration, in which case use of the product should be discontinued. Allergic reactions may occasionally occur on account of the homeopathic active substance Mercurius solubilis, too.

Interaction with other medications: None known.

Waiting period: None.

Instructions for use, route and duration of administration:

Cantharis compositum ad us. vet. is to be administered by s.c., i.m. or i.v. injection.

According to species, the daily single dosage is as follows:

Horse, cattle, swine:5 ml
Piglet:2–3 ml
Sheep, goat:2 ml
Large dog:3–4 ml
Medium dog:2 ml
Small dog, cat:1–2 ml
Puppy:0.5–1 ml
Small pets:0.5 ml

If necessary, depending on the severity of the case, the indicated dosage is to be repeated after 3-4 hours.

For long-term treatment of chronic affections, the indicated single dosage can be ad- ministered at intervals of 2-3 days.

Package sizes:

Packs containing 5 or 50 ampoules of 5.0