Baryta Carbonica – Barium Carbonate

Baryta Carbonica – Barium Carbonate

The attenuations are prepared from a trituration of Barium carbonate, BaCO3, MW: 197.3.

Baryta Carbonica is suited to tearful, anxious patients who shun the company of others.

Numerous symptoms point to Baryta Carbonica, such as: weakness and slowness of mental activity. Old people are no longer able, or no longer have the initiative, to run their home or hold down an occupation.

The picture of arteriosclerosis and of the lymphatic child hints at Baryta Carb., as does blepharitis in “glandular” children with a great sensitivity to cold and a tenden- cy to recurrent sore throats with frequent and considerable enlargement of the tonsils. The skin is dry “like parchment”, hot, tending to fissures, and peeling off easily on the backs of the hands and on the fingertips. Pustular acne in puberty, rhagades at the

corners of the mouth. Pruritus, aggravated at night.

There is a typical salivation at night, wetting the pillow. Nosebleeds on blowing the nose are typical.

Ringing and whizzing sounds in the ears with hearing impairment and inflamma- tion of the external auditory canal.

As is the case with all carbonates (salts of carbonic acid), physical weakness, las- situde, tiredness of the limbs and a tendency for them to “go to sleep” (ciruclatory disturbances) stand in the foreground. Gastro-intestinal symptoms too are present. They express themselves as typhoid, gastric, bilious and enteritic fever-symptoms. There is also halitosis.

Especially in scrofulous children, lung-symptoms almost always include those of chronic bronchitis, with attacks of coughing morning and evening. Complaints are brought on by thinking about one’s pains and by lying on the painful side (in pleurisy and bronchitis), are aggravated in cold, damp weather and by weather changes, and are ameliorated by movement in the open air, although cold air itself is felt to be unpleasant.

On the basis of its symptomatology, Baryta Carbonica is equipped to deal with ail- ments of children and the elderly. In the latter, there are often “geriatric coughs”, maybe with salty-tasting, starchy expectoration, and a leading symptom: in catarrhs, a feeling as if smoke were being inhaled.

Further indications include itching, especially at night, (calves, neck, etc.), and of- fensive foot-sweat (cf. Silica). Baryta Carbonica can be of assistance in tinnitus, with roaring, cracking, crashing and popping noises in the ears.

Baryta Carb. can bring speedy relief in diarrhoea of the elderly, in symptoms re- sembling dysentery and in almost hopeless cases.

Baryta Carbonica is one of those remedies which should be given every so often between other remedies, both in small children and in the elderly. Constitutional use however demands dosage over a longer period of time, in such conditions as foot-sweat (cf. Silica), chronic lymphadenitis, umbilical colic in children, tinnitus, and also in impotence (men) and aversion to coitus (women).

The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Barium carbonicum, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) for barium carbonicum: slow development among children; chronic inflammation of the tonsils and of the upper respiratory passages; hypertension; angiosclerosis.

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